Jeremy & Tiana Wiles
KingdomWorks Studio
Jeremy is an explorer, filmmaker and bit of a wild-man. His guerrilla approach to filmmaking has put him in unique positions to capture amazing stories in different parts of the world. He has an immense passion to develop great stories as a filmmaker.

His company, KingdomWork Studios is based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. He was  the Director of the popular cinematic teaching series for churches called the Conquer Series. It’s being used in thousands of small groups in churches in over 30 countries.

Tiana was born in the Philippines, raised in Denmark and studied Journalism in the U.K. She worked as a TV producer for a Christian television network in Copenhagen and did her internship with BBC News and Current Affairs in Manchester, England. She started a production company in Copenhagen before moving to Florida. With over ten years experience as a producer and writer, she has now taken the role of full-time screenwriter.